PTM 50 Persen EPIS KG

25 Maret 2022

Alhamdulillah, although face-to-face learning is still limited to 50% of the class capacity, children are so excited to learn and play together with their friends and teachers at school. This week, Embun Pagi Islamic School - Kindergarten students learn to stamp using a used sock, do simple cooking, sing national songs, race to move rubber bands using chopsticks, recognize hijri months, build sources of fire and air using blocks, and create an umbrella using origami paper. All of these activities will improve their developments in religion, gross and fine motor skills, cognitive, language, social and emotional as well as art.

Coming Soon EPIS Junior-Senior High School

EPIS - Junior& Senior High School. Insyaa Allah will be coming soon to educate your children with modern building and facilities.