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Surely future leaders are not among us, adults today. Future leaders are children whom Allah SWT has entrusted their care and education to us to be prepared to lead in the future.

The rapid development of technology and the fast-flowing information are a serious challenge for our children, future leaders to survive and to be the best for themselves, for those closest to them, for their environment and of course for their religion. Being smart alone is not enough to survive and to be a winner in the future. Many special skills, strong characters and strong religious foundations must be possessed to become winners of the future life and to lead themselves, others and the world towards goodness and usefulness.

As an institution engaged in the field of education, we continue to strive to prepare the next generation in holistic, in terms of knowledge, character, skills and the development of the unique potential of each student to be ready to face life in the future. Alhamdulillah, currently our education has been integrated from early childhood (Nursery and Kindergarten) to Junior High School and we are planning to open a Senior High School so that the holistic education that we provide can continue on an ongoing basis. The meaningful and fun learning system that we have prepared both offline and online, a warm and fun learning atmosphere, a child-friendly school culture, highly applied discipline and strong moral foundations and religious values ??in daily life are expected to foster positive characters in the children with the hope that in the end the children are ready to be independent in facing this world and become leaders for themselves and others.

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