Senior High School

Senior High School

EPIS Senior High is here as your partner in building our youth to be Future Islamic Leaders. Together, we could facilitate them in order to become Empathetic Islamic Leaders and Patriotic Global Citizens that have Inspiring Grateful Life who are Successful Here & Hereafter.

Senior High School Curriculum

EPIS has sustainable education from Nursery, Kindergarten, Elementary, Junior High to Senior High. Our Curriculum is designed to optimise Episians’ learning experience and achievements by facilitating their potentials and passions and to hone Episians’ Islamic leadership characters and skills in contributing to their surroundings. We use Merdeka Curriculum and Cambridge books as our learning resources.

Highlight Programs

In the first year we are focusing in building discipline and shaping manner. In the second year, students are honed to be able to do self profiling and actively involved in Passion Focus Group. In the last year of Senior High, hopefully, students will become influencers that contribute to others through community service camp and personal community service. As they’re about to graduate and pursue higher education, they’re eqquipped with skills in career exploration and planning. They will leave a mark at EPIS which is their personal achievement and portfolio as their legacy.

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International Adoption


School facilities can provide convenience to support the potential of students



Grand Opening of EPIS Junior – Senior High New Building

Embun Pagi Islamic School celebrated the Grand Opening of the new building on April 22, 2024. The event was attended by guests and invitees, including the school founder, BJB administrators, school supervisors from all over East Jakarta, PTFA representatives, and all EPIS employees. The audience was excited and filled with joy as they witnessed the […]